I recently shot something really fun for Ac Slater's new album's art, "Outsiders". It was interesting shooting with so many people at the same time but it was really fun and I forgot for a second that I was really sick the day of the shoot. It was hard to choose what images to post here because there are way too many I like! I hope you like my selection :) 


Had the pleasure of shooting StarRo a few weeks ago. We got lucky with the location and ended up shooting at this awesome karaoke bar in LA called Tokyo Beat.  This will go down in history as some of the best fun I've had while doing a shoot. We literally just has drinks and danced at the bar for like 2 hours. I love working like this! Also, come on, look at this guy! Dream subject! :D

FORM at Arcosanti

What if I told you that there's an intimate music and arts festival that you have to apply to by writing an essay? What if I told you that this festival takes place at a magical urban laboratory in the Arizona desert called Arcosanti? There's been a handful of projects in my career where I've asked myself, how did I get this lucky?! This one right here is one of them.