FORM Labs presents James Blake, Hundred Waters, Moses and David Moore

Oh my. This was a super intimate preview concert for the upcoming festival FORM and it was totally magical! It was very hard to shoot because you could hear a pin drop and people were sitting down and very focused, so it was hard for me to move and shoot without interrupting the show. 

Every performance was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Every time James started singing I died a little bit inside. Me and everyone else! 

Can't wait to get to shoot the actual festival in May. If you're a music lover, you should check it out here:


A special collaboration with 2 friends! My fierce, super cool friend Dawn as my model, and the very fun and creative Sh33n on the styling.  I usually love shooting in a very candid way without preparing too much, but having someone putting together outfits and coming up with looks makes such a huge difference. So happy with how these shots turned out! :)  



So guys, you need to know this about me: I REALLY dislike to shoot weddings. Too much pressure, too many cues, too many rules, too many family members, etc. I did it at some point at the beginning of my career, I learned a lot, and I moved on. I didn't think I would shoot another one, until I got a very clever email from a cool guy who had a super smart approach. I'm always open to listen if my gut tells me to, so I did. Here's what he said:

"I am reaching out to you with a bit of a unique request. I am on a search for a photography that has a particular editorial eye - one that can capture large groups enjoying themselves, some portrait work and has a really strong understanding of utilizing low light. 

The twist is, this is for my upcoming wedding. I am not sure if this is something you would even entertain. Before you answer though - let me give you some of the details."

Well, the details were great, and so was the couple, and so was the wedding. I'm really happy I stepped out of my routine to do this. Here are some of my fav shots. 


If you follow my Instagram, this girl needs no introduction. This is my good friend and main muse Alex Kerr. We've gone on countless adventures and done countless of shoots together. We've gotten so close and she inspires me more and more the better I get to know her. This is Alex in my bathtub playing with soap bombs, glow sticks and a projector. Yes, I said soap bombs. Brrapp!