Oh my! So my good friend Jesus got randomly offered very last minute to host a Lucha Libre - Striptease - Comedy Show hybrid called Vavavoom here in Los Angeles. He messaged me something like "Do you want to come with and take photos at this event? Sure you could get some crazy stuff." This kind of  show was a first for me and it was nuts and sold out and I felt like I had stepped into an alternative reality. I had so much fun because I was shooting for myself and had no shot list or guidelines of any sort. I didn't want to get too close to the ring because there were a lot of photographers who were actually working and I didn't want to get in their way (The chaos was real!). That sort of worked out in a way because I feel that I was close enough to capture the energy but far enough to give the images a bit of a voyeur vibe. By the way, my friend Jesus killed it at hosting! I feel like we'll both be back!