So guys, you need to know this about me: I REALLY dislike to shoot weddings. Too much pressure, too many cues, too many rules, too many family members, etc. I did it at some point at the beginning of my career, I learned a lot, and I moved on. I didn't think I would shoot another one, until I got a very clever email from a cool guy who had a super smart approach. I'm always open to listen if my gut tells me to, so I did. Here's what he said:

"I am reaching out to you with a bit of a unique request. I am on a search for a photography that has a particular editorial eye - one that can capture large groups enjoying themselves, some portrait work and has a really strong understanding of utilizing low light. 

The twist is, this is for my upcoming wedding. I am not sure if this is something you would even entertain. Before you answer though - let me give you some of the details."

Well, the details were great, and so was the couple, and so was the wedding. I'm really happy I stepped out of my routine to do this. Here are some of my fav shots.